‘I contacted Aysha some years ago when I had back problems.  I do a lot of lifting for work, so I booked her for some acupuncture sessions, which worked a treat.’   LM (Barton)

Aysha is such a kind & understanding person & really listened & made me feel supported.  She was able to explain to me exactly what was going on in my body, why I was feeling the way I was, the causes & how I could also help myself.  The changes I felt were fantastic & I only needed a short course of treatments.  Now I have acupuncture as a boost once every six weeks, to make sure that I stay in tip top condition.  I can’t recommend her enough.’  SG (New Milton)

‘I had suffered from the cold to an unnatural degree, feeling real pain when the temperature dropped, for almost twenty years.  Doctors seemd unable to help & after numerous tests, drew a blank.  After just one Chinese medicine fact find & analysis from Aysha & one subsequent acupuncture session, symptoms improved dramatically, almost 100%, & four years on, have never returned.’ L.H (Surrey).


‘I’m a fitness fanatic and a GP and have received massages from around the world.  Aysha’s knowledge of anatomy and experience means that as far as a massage therapist goes, that I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my aches and pains.’ Dr R. C. (Southampton)

‘Of all the massage therapies I have had over the last thirty years, Aysha is far & away the best.  The lady has a magic touch, which will leave you feeling refreshed, content & pain free.’ L.H. (Surrey).

‘When I first starting using Aysha for massage, my back muscles were in a terrible state & I had a really uncomfortable shoulder injury.  Aysha in next to no time softened my hard back tissue & seriously eased my shoulder trouble.  I’m a really tall, thick set guy & am constantly surprised with how powerful she is.  If you need a strong massage, then look no further.’  Mr S. C (Lymington)

‘Unlike other therapists I’ve seen, she gave & still gives a very strong deep massage, which was exactly what was needed at the time & really ironed out the creases.’

‘Aysha is punctual, polite, warm & gives me the most wonderfully relaxing massage.  A perfect stress reliever.’ Miss BH (Highcliffe)


‘This is simply amazing!  Aysha’s experience turns difficult issues and painful pasts into memories which no longer hurt the way that they did.  I can’t thank her enough.’  Ms T. D. (Hordle)

‘I love EFT!  I was having difficulties with my confidence.  Sometimes I was OK and then at others, felt cripplingly shy & social events and even picking the kids up from school, was becoming increasingly more challenging.  Aysha works like a counsellor, but far from delving deep into the past, she worked with whatever came to my mind as we tapped & worked through the EFT mantra.  Even after our first session together, I felt immediately lighter and now, I actually look forward to seeing other people & social occasions.’  Mrs N. D (New Milton)

‘If you’ve never tried EFT before, then give it a go with Aysha.  You won’t be disappointed!  I was struggling with anger issues and it was making my relationship with my partner very difficult.  I didn’t know where to turn; it was as though I couldn’t calm down.  A few sessions of EFT & harmony is restored in my home again & has been for over a year now.  I think my man is every bit as pleased as I am!’


‘I don’t really understand how it works, but I couldn’t get over the fluctuation of temperature in Aysha’s hands over painful areas of my body.  I found it intriguing & came away feeling super relaxed.’  Mr G. N (Sway)

‘Aysha dowsed my chakras.  I didn’t even know what dowsing was before our first session, but I was fascinated when she noted that my throat chakra wasn’t flowing as it should & she explained to me what I was probably struggling with & incredibly, she was right.’ Miss A. W (Lymington)


‘I’ve just done my Reiki I course & enjoyed every minute.  Now I’m treating my family & even my dog & I can’t wait to take my Reiki II.’  Mrs P N (Christchurch)

‘They say that we all find the right Reiki Master for us.  Well I found mine.  Thanks Aysha.’


‘I’ve been using Aysha for reflexology for over a year now as and when I’ve needed it.  I’ve tried to give myself reflexology, but nothing compares to what she does.  I don’t know how she finds what she does, but it’s amazing & always correlates with what I’ve been feeling.’ Ms J. D (Hordle)

‘Reflexology intrigues me.  Aysha’s great at what she does.’  Mr C. S (Christchurch)

‘Make Aysha your reflexologist.  She’s very experienced & is a diagnostic whizz!  She never ceases to surprise me.’  Miss J. M (Bournemouth)