What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced ‘Ray Kee’ is a non-intrusive therapy originating from Japan.  Reiki is a deeply relaxing, strengthening energy which brings about self-awareness on many levels.  The Reiki practitioner uses his or her self as a channel for this energy & they can do this because they have been ‘attuned’ to receive this energy through training in the different ‘degrees’ of Reiki.  The Reiki practitioner either holds his/her hands above the patient or gently lays their hands at certain points over the patient’s body to give the treatment.  When Reiki is needed in one area, often the therapists hands will fluctuate in temperature, which is often very obvious to the patient & this is a sign that unhealthy energy is being drawn from the body.

Reiki energy goes wherever the body feels it needs to at the time of treatment.  It heals & harmonises the person as a whole; our spirit, our emotions, our mind & our bodies, so it’s little wonder that even physical problems, such as headaches or knee pain can be treated.

In fact Reiki is simple & that is the beauty of it.  It is simple because it is pure; pure spiritual energy.  It can be given to anything; from the food we eat, to the animals we look after, the plants in our homes & of course, to our family & friends.   It is then no wonder that Reiki can bring about profound changes in us both physically & mentally & you can never have too much of it.  This is why many of my Reiki patients decide to take their Reiki I course with me so that they can continue to treat themselves & their families at home.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

As Reiki can travel through anything, this beautifully non-intrusive therapy, means that patients can remain fully clothed through treatment.  I recommend that a person wear loose, comfortable clothing so that they can fully sink into their relaxing hour.

We begin the session by taking a case history & discussing your past & present health.  We have an informal chat about what you would like to glean from your Reiki treatment & discuss any other health concerns you may have, both mentally & physically.  Then we’re ready to start the treatment.

I begin my treatments by cleansing the recipient’s aura.  I also use a dowsing crystal which I hold over 7 of the body’s chakras, to see which if any of the chakras are blocked & not flowing freely.  I then use 12 hand positions placed over the limbs & body’s chakras, to support & accelerate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself by cleansing the body & promoting a sense of wellness, positive awareness & deep relaxation.