What is it used for?

This ancient & powerful complementary therapy delivers effective results to today’s inability to relax.  It’s a wonderful treatment for stress & a powerful tool in helping your body strive towards better health & can be used for all sorts of health issues. Patients describe it as a deeply relaxing experience & as though they’re floating on air post-treatment.

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology focuses on individually massaging with the thumbs & finger tips, precise reflex points on the soles & tops of the feet, as though the body’s limbs & organs were mapped out on the feet.  These points reflect the body’s imbalances, strengths & weaknesses.  With these points treated, reflexology works to slow down & treat illnesses & restore vitality by realigning the body’s natural healing processes.  Our body’s are self-healing mechanisms, so by stimulating these points, we are in effect, awakening our body’s healing responses.

During a reflexology treatment, attention is paid to every detail of the foot, from its colour, odour, tissue texture & puffiness.  Such details are wonderful diagnostic tools for the clinical reflexologist.

What happens on the first Reflexology session?

At your first session, a half hour confidential case history is taken involving detailed questioning in relation to your current main & other complaints.  Your medical history is taken, from birth to present day.  I will ask you about any medications that you have been prescribed, along with any other over the counter drugs that are taken.  I also notate your doctor’s name, surgery address & telephone number.  I never contact your GP; it’s just best practice to have these details noted.  We also have a brief discussion about the health of your immediate family & any known hereditary conditions.  Much attention is also spent on discussing in depth, your over all lifestyle, with factors such as how you sleep, your diet, how you take care of yourself & much, much more.

The actual reflexology treatment lasts for 1 hour.  We start by massaging a light oil or powder into the feet & a series of relaxation techniques are then used, to improve the energetic flow.  Half an hour of precise reflex massage is then given per foot finishing with advice given on self-care to implement where necessary before your next treatment.

What happens at subsequent Reflexology Treatments?

Please allow an hour for subsequent treatments.  As with your first treatment session, both feet are given a series of relaxing manual techniques before being treated.  As always, we have an informal chat about how your health & emotions have been since treatment & work to resolve any issues which are found through precise reflex therapy to your feet.

What does Reflexology feel like?

Reflexology feels wonderful & the beauty of treatment for many, is that it’s non-intrusive.  Comfortable clothing should be worn for your session & only the socks & shoes need to be removed.  A firm massage is given to the feet.  In areas where the body is imbalanced, a momentary discomfort can be felt.  This feeling is often described as though a pebble has been trodden on bare foot.  Sometimes at the moment the reflex point is touched, you can feel what’s described as crystals under the feet.  This is nothing to be alarmed about, but simply indicates that the associated part of the body is imbalanced.  This is where Reflexology comes into its own.  The area is treated on the feet & the next reflex point moved on to.  Any discomfort felt, is immediately gone once the pressure is removed. Reflexology is a fascinating experience, which gives you a better understanding of your internal health.