Learn Reiki


Are you interested in learning Reiki so that you can use it on your family, friends & pets?  Would you like to train to second degree level so that you can treat the public?  If so, then please read on for more information.

There are three levels of Reiki – Reiki I, II & III, also described as First Degree, Second Degree & Third Degree/Masters.

People tend to just ‘know’ when it is the right time to train in Reiki & one way or another; it becomes a part of one’s daily life.  You instinctively know when the time is right, because it is your Higher Self, your inner knowing, that shows you when you are ready to grow both physically, mentally & spiritually.

Once attuned to Reiki, you are attuned for life. You may have already been attuned to some level some months or years ago & if you’ve not used it, would understandably, probably be afraid that you would no longer be ‘very good’ at it, or you may feel that you would need to be attuned again, yet this is not the case.  All you ever need to do is to switch the Reiki on again with your power of intention.  The more that you practise Reiki, the stronger you become.

There are four symbols that are learnt in total to become a Reiki Master & these are kept secret until the appropriate level.  Even if the symbols are discovered before receiving the attunement for that level, they will not empower you, unless the proper, sacred ceremony has been performed by the Reiki Master on the student.  Reading a book, or finding the symbols over the internet could never empower you, because it is the Master’s energy that connects to her student’s that opens up the students energy channel & therefore flow of Reiki energy.

Reiki I

Reiki I is just the beginning.  During your Reiki I training, you will be given a first degree manual & also taught three hours of theory & practical work, involving learning to cleanse auras, to understand the chakras & their positions, be given an explanation of the channels & learn self-protection from negative energy.  You will also learn how to ground yourself along with importantly, how to treat yourself & others to name but a few chapters of this exciting course.  You will then be ‘attuned’ for the first time & given a certificate at the end of class.  This attunement will open up your inner healing channel, so that you can self-heal & give aid to your family & friends.

Being attuned is a highly enlightening experience.  Some students report profound experiences, others very little.  This does not mean that the attunement has not worked, for some the awakening to this energy is just a slower process, just as everyone is unique in themselves.

After an attunement, students often report that they feel many different things.  Such as, they feel more at one with nature & their senses seem heightened.  They are more at peace with themselves.  They notice colours more & some find that they feel more ready to get rid of the things that have been holding them back for years & have a more positive outlook on life.

At the level of Reiki I, it is important to note, that you are not permitted to charge or practice on the general public, as insurance is needed to do so, but this is all explained when taking your Reiki Level II.  Please do call or email for further information.

Reiki II

Usually, quite some time will have passed before you feel ready to study Reiki II.  This is because your body & consciousness must acclimatise to the new higher vibrational frequency with which you were attuned to in Reiki I. People report that with Reiki II comes a great deal more ‘power.’  Often more sensations are felt & students ‘feel’ more intuitively.  Reiki II is simply the next enjoyable step to embrace on your own spiritual journey.  The more you practise Reiki, then the more that it becomes a part of you & the stronger you become.

Reiki II attunements are given, in order to increase your ability to allow the flow of Reiki energy.  An attunement empowers the spirit, allowing you to be able to channel the healing Reiki energy more powerfully not only to yourself, but to others as well.

The power of channelling our Reiki for our greater & higher good, helps us to change old habits by growing both mentally & spiritually & with this growth to not only heal ourselves from our dis-ease, but to help others to heal themselves.  Reiki is a wonderful tool which allows us to restore our harmony & I hope that it enchants you as much as it does me.

At 2nd Degree Level, students are taught 3 sacred symbols.  The use of these affects the strength of the treatment & how Reiki can be given. The use of these symbols gives us the ability to focus on mental/emotional problems & allow us also to send distant healing, to anyone in the world, as though they were actually sitting in front of us.  With each symbol, we learn what it means, how to use it, its associated mantra & you are taught how to draw each symbol in its correct colour, how to correctly pronounce the name of each & learn how to use the important techniques in giving a treatment.

Reiki II also teaches the steps to clear past life issues & help heal current global issues.  Not forgetting important information on how to treat the general public & much, much more.  Finally, you will be given your attunement at the end of the day, a certificate of attendance & will be given a Reiki II manual to digest at your own leisure.  Reiki II involves approximately 5 hours of practical & theory tuition.


This is possibly the most special degree of them all & not something to be embarked upon lightly.  Becoming a Reiki Master is not about gaining a higher qualification, training to this level means that Reiki becomes a huge part of your life; you live it, love it & it’s all consuming.

This wonderful day course comes complete with a manual & certificate of attendance at the end of the day.  A great deal goes into this day, because not only do you learn the 4th & final sacred symbol, but you will be attuned to Master level & also be taught how to attune others.

This varied course involves information on working with & calling upon your Reiki Guides & Angels, discusses Past Life healing techniques, how to increase your psychic healing ability, how to teach & plan your own Reiki workshops, provides you with meditations for the different degrees & much, much more.

It’s a very practical day & I would strongly recommend that anyone thinking of training to Master level, should self-treat as much as possible before attending.  Please allow approximately 7 hours for this training day.