EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a relatively new therapy, which many people have still not yet heard of but is now highly recognised across the globe.  EFT is used to target, reduce & clear all sorts of issues, fears, anxieties & symptoms by getting to the root causes of them.

I am an Advanced Therapist with a great deal of experience in many issues with which people suffer.

What happens during an EFT session?

An EFT session takes about an hour to complete.  It is non-intrusive & involves us working through your particular issue together.  We do this first of all by having a chat about what it is that is bothering you.  I notate phrases that you have used, because by using your personal phrases, it’s found that your mind & subconscious can resonate with these to help resolve the current issues more easily.  Each phrase is given a number out of ten by the patient for severity.  We then use these phrases & numbers & incorporate them into a mantra & tap along the ends of the acupuncture energy meridians until your particular issue feels significantly reduced in how it makes you feel emotionally, or you no longer feel have an issue at all.  It is non-intrusive & does not involve probing into uncomfortable areas of your past, unless you want to talk about those areas.  In fact, EFT is fun to do & gets results quickly.

EFT is incredibly versatile, so please enquire as to how it can help you.