I have over 20 years’ worth of experience in massage & have treated countless backs & bodies.  I practice Deep Tissue Massage & a Swedish style of massage, which works deeply into the muscle tissue to aid the clearance of toxin removal.  This is achieved by working with the muscle fibres and towards the lymph glands, which helps to break down the lactic acid build up, the natural waste product created by our muscles & salt crystals, increasing the blood flow to the areas and softening the fibres themselves.

Everyday activities and tension are generally the cause of these knotted, tender build ups, causing us pain and even headaches.

The massage is tailored to your needs, so it can be very strong for people who prefer it to be or for whom do a lot of sport, or gentler & more therapeutic if preferred.  Either way, you will feel looser and more relaxed by the end of your treatment!