Aysha Jones, BSc(Hons), Lic.Ac, MBAcC, AOR, BABTAC, ADV EFT, Reiki Master. British Acupuncture Council Membership Number = 958299

Aysha has been extensively training in & using holistic therapies since 1997.  Her studies began when she took an anatomy & physiology course & trained in deep tissue & Swedish style massage.  This was the start of her passion for treating holistically through targeting the root causes of disease.

She went on to qualify as a clinical Reflexologist after training in London in 1999.

In 2002, she embarked on a 3.5 year degree in Acupuncture, involving 3600 hours of study at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.   Throughout her degree, she learnt two styles of Acupuncture; Traditional Chinese Medicine & Five Element, both of which she integrates into daily practice today to treat mind, body & spirit.  Alongside being taught by extremely experienced acupuncturists & herbalists, she attended lectures by Western doctors where she was trained & examined to a high standard in anatomy & physiology & gained a solid knowledge of the routes which many of her patients will have gone through to date through Western practice & treatment in the UK.

In 2006, Aysha graduated with a Batchelor of Science with Honours degree and Licentiate in Acupuncture which enabled her to become a Member of the British Acupuncture Council.

The following year, she graduated from the aforementioned college in Chinese Patent Herbal Remedies, securing the right to prescribe patent herbs in pill, liquid & salve forms.

Since then, Aysha has qualified to an Advanced level in EFT.  In 2007, she became a Reiki Master, which she also teaches, both on one-to-one sessions & through group study.

Aysha attends many hours of CPD (Continuous Practitioner Development) courses each year to keep up to date with changes & to learn new skill sets.  In 2012 alone, she was trained in Kiiko Matsumoto Style Japanese Acupuncture & also underwent training with Rahda Thambirajah in order to offer Cosmetic Acupuncture for the face & body.

Aysha has also spent 15 months working within the NHS, advising the general public on health information & medicines enquiries.